Dream Weaver ~ 8 threads of Light ~ Coaching & Workshops


Dreamweaver Yoga by Jenna Walter

With Influences From

  • Wiccan Ritual And Community Building From Star Hawk
  • Yoga, Pranayama, meditation with Integral yoga
  • Essential Oil And Herbal Awareness with Arcus Flynn, David Crow
  • Shiatsu And Body Work with The Ohasi Institute
  • Reiki with Diane Stein And Steve Anderson
  • Chanting and Meditation with Shidda Yoga
  • Nutritional Healing and  Quantum Physics with Karen Panish
  • Shamanic Intiations with Alberto Villoldo

Reading Lists

  • Star Hawk – The Spiral Dance
  • Paramahansa Yogananda – Autobiography of a Yogi
  • Jethro Kloss – Back To Eden
  • Black Elk- Black Elk Speaks
  • Marianne Zimmerman Bradley -Mists Of Avalon
  • Diane Stein – All Woman Are Healers
  • Jaimie Sams – Dreaming The Dance
  • Alberto Villoldo – The Four Insights
  • Rumi
  • John O’ Donahue
Image from Diane Stein’s book All Women are Healers

We are dreaming the world into being in every moment.

Dream Weaver ~ 8 threads of light is a journey of the HEART.  An alchemical fusion of yoga and shamanic teachings. (earth based practices).

Yoga and Shamanism are scientific and spiritual  arts that provide a bridge from the world of matter to the world of energy/source.  We live in both these worlds simultaneously .  In these 8 practices we access our “knowing” to bring balance/wholeness to the spiritual, mental/emotional and physical bodies, so that we live peacefully with our life purpose revealed.

As a left brain based society we have become out of balance with the earth and our relationship to her as well as to ourselves.  Do you feel overwhelmed , frustrated by the same patterns showing up, alone, depressed?  Are you living your life with purpose, do you dream big?  Can you imagine a life of peace, wholeness and a deep connection to why you are here ?

These 8 threads of light activate the rememberance of who you are, what you came here for and how to traverse this earth walk in balance, with beauty and strength, power and grace . Guided by our highest vibration…… LOVE.

  • Community ~  learn how to building strong , authentic relationships with each other and all our relations so that the vibration of our community is raised from fear/reactionary based choices to ones based in love/cooperation
  • Ceremony~ Create sacred space and commune with your spirit in relationship to the elemental world with the awareness that we are all connected.
  • Conscious Breath ~  Tone and purify your nerve channels and chakra centers to create receptivity in your spirit and mind and peace in your body.
  • Sacred Movement ~ Energize your body, organs, muscles and endocrine systems as we embody and honor our sacred temple through dance,  yoga asana and body tapping.
  • Stillness Practice ~  Access your wisdom and hone your senses for the clarity and alignment of your souls purpose thru meditation, guided journeys, and mindfulness techniques
  • Soul Journaling ~ Release and renew the light inside of you through stream of conscious writing and contemplative self inquiry
  • Living Food  ~ Illuminate the power of food and our relationship with it.
  • Masters and the Mystics ~ Commune with archetypal guides through ancient divination paths, art, music and poetry