Client Reviews

Jenna, is magical, she truly has a gift for knowing exactly what your body and your soul need.  She is really exceptional, gentle and brilliant and giving.  I feel very lucky to be working with her. She is  epitome of a yogi.
— Claude Wasserstein

Jenna’s energy is calming to the soul and her teaching caters to the needs of her clientele. She inspires one to do better not only in class but also in life.  She gets it.  The real deal!
— Tommy Hill

I have taken private yoga classes all over the world and have never had a teacher as intuitive as Jenna Walter. A session with Jenna always leaves you feeling healthier, both physically and spiritually. Her positive energy makes every class a true pleasure and when the session is over I am left eagerly looking forward to the next!
— Isabelle Krishana

Jenna has this hidden knowledge of life…….She has grace and a giving heart…..
— Gail Rothwell

My time with Jenna has come to represent a necessary oasis of peace and tranquility in a week otherwise riddled with stress and anxiety. Practicing with Jenna is an important escape that I value and would not trade for anything.
— Greg Darvin

Every healer has a special gift to pass on, Jenna just happens to have a whole constellation.
— Mea Townsend

I have had the joy of working with Jenna  for the past 12 years.  She is by far one of the most spiritual and authentic guides/teachers I have had in my yoga practice- she walks her talk.  Her intuitive sense of where to guide you on any given day is uncanny and her adjustments are amazing.  I am so grateful to have evolved along with Jenna and her incredible gift.
— Susan Holgate

From the moment I took my first yoga class with Jenna, I felt an alignment in my spiritual, physical and emotional path, a remembrance of who I am and the direction I want to take….health, happiness and love.
— Nancey Kiembock

Jenna Walter has a special gift that comes from her heart and soul.  She possesses the wisdom and intuition of a true Yogi.  I have worked with Jenna both privately and in classes for more than ten years and I am continuously inspired by the magic of her touch, her voice and her wonderful outlook on life.
— Stuart Suna

Jenna’s intuitive healing abilities give me the gift of feeling more peaceful, centered and balanced. My time with Jenna helps me to deal with the stress of my job and my crazy life with more ease and calm and helps me to be more flexible in dealing with my clients.
— Robert Stilin

I was honored to have a Shamanic healing session with Jenna several years ago to clear blocks and find a way to cope with how my life was going. I have to be honest when I say I was a touch skeptical but it was such a lovely yet powerful experience. Within a few days everything was shifting, from my circumstances to my well-being. It has been a journey that started with one session with Jenna and has made me a very grateful client for life. Highly recommended.
— Ty Wenzel