About Jenna Walter

Jenna Walter discovered yoga and meditation at seventeen, the teachings of yoga saved her life as she was healing thru childhood trauma and sexual abuse.  It  propelled her on the “journey of the heroine”, to discover her souls purposes.  Native American ceremonies, women’s healing circles, co-counseling and shamanic studies in the Incan, Celtic and Native American tradition have all influenced her teaching style. She has also studied other healing modalities that complement her yoga, including Shiatsu massage at the Ohashi Institute, herbology with Arcus Flynn, nutrition and quantum energy studies with Karen Panish and Siddha Yoga chanting and meditation. She has also completed 700 hours of training in Peruvian Shamanism with Alberto Villoldo’s, The Four Winds Society.

Jenna co-created and produced  with Alex Grant, Hamptons Yogafest in 2015 and 2016, a weekend long yoga, meditation and music festival in Bridgehampton NY.  Currently she is teaching corporate yoga, kids yoga and meditation classes in local schools, leading retreats, workshops and  woman gatherings around the globe. She is bringing her love of SERVICE  through Dream Weaver Yoga and Shamanic Healing,  8 THREADS OF LIGHT  teachingsThese are transformational teachings for the era of enLIGHTenment.

IMG_4585 (1)Jenna is deeply committed to the community.  As a mother of three Jenna has great interest in the local schools. With another yoga teacher, Kate Rabinowitz, she helped create and teach an Integrated Wellness Program at the Springs School with 26 classes a week that brought yoga, meditation, nutrition and life skills to several hundred kindergarten through sixth graders. Jenna helped build and run Route 114 Yoga Center with a broad mix of athletic training and yoga. At the studio Jenna developed yoga and meditation programs to support the community to strengthen both physical and mentally. Jenna continues to teach children of all ages in schools and education centers in East Hampton and Aspen.

DREAM WEAVER YOGA is a fusion of  the traditional eight-limbed yoga system, shamanic studies and motherhood. Her teachings put emphasis on BREATH, as a way to “reprogram” patterns in the body and mind that keep us from reaching our human potential, BALANCE, between action and stillness, and ALIGNMENT that is reached by listening to your intuition. Her goal is to support you balancing body, mind and spirit so you can manifest your dreams and fulfill your true purpose in life. Visualizations, shamanic journeys, aroma therapy, massage and energy work also enrich her classes and private sessions.